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Mini Reviews 2


Today, in today’s mini review, I will review some skincare products I picked up last week.

First product is the Blossom Kochhar Anti Pigmentation Glossy Pack.


This, is an AMAZING product. The best face pack I have tried to date. I have used it about 3-4 times now, so cannot comment on pigmentation related yet but it does fade my blemishes.

My blemishes are not extremely dark, but are visible. It faded them away in just a few uses along with giving me a bright glow once I wash it off.


Absolutely recommend you all to go and buy this budget friendly face pack!

Second product is a serum. I wanted to try a serum from very long time , but didn’t want to spend a lot of money either.

My friend recommended me this one and I love it so far.


It is the Biotique Bio Dandelion Serum. Quite a raved about product and one of the best in the area of budget friendly serums.

It is not greasy, so works for oily skin like mine. I use in the night after my moisturizer like it says on the packaging itself and also in the morning.

It does give a light shine and can get slightly oily if you wear it out in these summers *phew*

If you have oily skin, either skip this in mornings when you will go out/wear makeup or use a lot of primer over it / under makeup.

This works really well and also has reduced my pigmentation lightly.

I wake up with a fresh glowing face every morning!!

Let me know if you have tried these products down in the comments

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